Ben® Zorgeloos

Summary of the project

For the course marketing, THUAS worked together with the phone provider Ben® to come up with an assignment for the students. In groups of four, we had to create a marketing campaign for Ben® specified for a target group. We could decide for ourselves what the target group would be and decided on students. 

The end product focused on how students want to be care free when it comes to their phone provider, since they already have so many other things to worry about.

Cliënt: School

Type: Project

Made in: 2019

The Campaign

The process

Since we wanted to create a campaign which would give students a carefree feeling we felt like we had to capture the feeling and put it in the package you get once you receive your sim-card. 

We took pictures to catch the carefree feeling and made pages where the idea of the campaign is explained. We decided that the pictures could be used for banners with the text "Ben Zorgeloos" ("Am Carefree"). 

We ended up creating multiple slides and putting them in a pdf, once printed out and fold in the right way, you would get a little package which would be the one customers would receive.

May you have any further questions about this project, feel free to contact me!