Summary of the project

Another course given by THUAS was Service Design. A course where, in a group of five, we had to design a service for a specific target group. This needed to be done by going through the entire design process; research, concept, create and reflect. 

The result was an app called Enable to help students plan not only school work but also their lives around it.

Cliënt: School

Type: Project

Made in: 2018

The prototype

The process

For this project we did multiple things to do research on our target group and get more knowledge on how to set up a good planning and be able to stick to it. We did deskresearch, interviews with experts, interviews with the target group, diary studies and a competition analysis. Thanks to working in a group there was a lot of manpower and the ability to use a wide set of research methods. 

From all the research we realised the key is planning enough time for tasks, ordering them on priority and being motivated to stick to a planning. All this we wanted to implement in to the app.

This resulted in the design decision to add the ‘busy bee’-method and ABCDE-method. With turning on the ‘busy bee’ a student wouldn’t be able to use his/her phone and thus it being unable to distract them from the task that they should be doing. The ABCDE-method is a way to arrange your task based on importance at that moment. This method we had gotten from a time-management expert and decided to implement it into the app. It would help the user decide what is most important to get done first and be able to fully focus on it.

May you have any further questions about this project, feel free to contact me!