Fit at Work

Summary of the project

For the course Context-Aware Design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences an app needed to be created by implementing data that a phone detects. With two others students we ended up creating the app 'Fit at Work'.

Cliënt: School

Type: Project

Made in: 2017

The prototype

The process

The app was designed for people who spent most of their time at work but would like to stay fit also. With this app it should be easy for them to set goals and keep track of healthy eating habits and exercises. We decided to implement the phone’s ability to track movement into the app and the ability to scan items when keeping track of eaten food.

To make sure that users are motivated enough to stick with the app we implemented a feature where people can set personal goals and challenges. In addition to this the user is also able to create groups with colleagues and set up group goals. This way there can be bonding between colleagues and keeping each other accountable to stay fit. 

May you have any other questions about this design, feel free to contact me!