Fixeau Dashboard

Summary of the project

During my graduation internship at Acacia Water B.V., I worked on creating a redesign for Fixeau and the project 'Boeren Meten Water'. 

The focus of the redesign is experience of the farmer. At the beginning of the internship the problem statement was that the farmers do not really use the dashboard and do not know what to do with the data. The goal was to make sure they would use the dashboard to see what the status of their land is and how they can improve it. 

Cliënt: Acacia Water B.V.

Type: Graduation project

Made in: 2021

The prototype

The process

I started the project off by getting the wishes of the company on paper, this so I would have clear what they have in mind for the end product and to be able to give them something they would be satisfied with. Then I followed up with interviewing the target group and getting to know their opinion of the current dashboard, what they are missing and what they would like to see implemented. The most common answer given and thus most important result was that the farmers barely use the dashboard because it doesn’t help them yet: They can see their data now but do not know what it entails or what to do with it.

This I translated into giving the farmer a quick overview on the status of their land by creating dashboards per measurement on the page they land on after logging in. Thanks to the gradient background the farmer can see whether a measurement is doing well or needs some attention. May the farmer want more information they click on a dashboard which will give them a graph and advice on what can be done to improve the status.

In the design I also added a place for a weather forecast and prediction on the state of the land, all on the landing page. This way farmers can use the weather forecast to base their decisions on in the same place as the status of the land. The prediction of the status of the land can help the farmer making a decision on what to do to better it. 

Another important design decision would be having implemented a place on the agenda page where farmers can ‘play’ with their decision making. Out of the interviews it came forward that many believe their own intuition more than the measurements and dashboard. Thus, would not really follow advices given from the dashboard but would rather use them support. With this in mind, I designed a page where farmers can plan in an action and first see what kind of effect that would have on their land and whether it betters or worsens.

May you have any other questions on how I achieved my design, feel free to contact me!