Summary of the minor

During my studies I had the ability to pick a minor of my liking to expand my expertise and I picked Photography in Focus. I've always liked taking my camera on trips to capture views and memories, so figured that with the minor I would be able to better my skills. 

The course was made up of multiple assignments which made me practice to capture specific subjects. At the end of the course, I chose the best pictures per subject and put them together in a photobook.


Cliënt: School

Type: Minor

Made in: 2021

The Photobook

The process

During this minor we worked on different photography assignments; texture & rhythm, styling, time and fascination. For texture & rhythm the assignment was to photograph 20 different textures and 20 different rhythms. For the photobook, we had to match the two together to create an interesting combination based on their similarity or difference. 

For the assignment styling we had to pick a target group and think of a fitting drink for them and style it. My target group were women who would like a refreshing drink on a hot summer day and if preferred able to make it alcoholic. The drink I chose was the tonic Fever-Tree. I styled it by adding fruits, surrounding it with melting ice and have the sun on it to show the sparkles and give it all a summer feeling.

Up next was the assignment time, which was to show change to a subject in a set of photos. The subject had to be in the same position every time so that the focus would be on the change. This assignment was quite hard since I first started with a white background, however each time I would roll up the tube the shadows on the background would change. Which resulted in being unable to put the pictures nicely together. After some trial and error I decided to go with a black background, it eliminated the shadows and made the colour of the ketchup pop more.

The last is fascination, for this assignment we were allowed to pick a subject that interests us and make 15 pictures of it. Autumn is my favourite season and love how the sun can seep through and make all the bright colours pop and give some beauty to the dull ones. Hence why I chose to capture autumn. My focus laid on capturing sunrays and the orange/red colour that comes with autumn. On top of that also the discolouring from the leaves and empty trees. 

At the end of the course I put my photobook together and had an assessment where I explained my decisions. 

May you have any further questions about this minor, feel free to contact me!