You & Eye

Summary of the project

During my studies I followed the course, 'Human Computer Interaction', which is a course where students have two weeks to design something out of the box. We created a wearable which made it able to play a real life game where you could guide the other person through a maze. 

On the left is the aftermovie. The product was called You & Eye.

Cliënt: School

Type: Project

Made in: 2019

AFtermovie of the project

The process

The course started off with a couple of weeks discovering subjects such AR/VR, wearables and playful interaction. After these weeks we got to pick a subject and work on it for two weeks in group form. The subject chosen was wearables and we started thinking of something cool to create to show at the expo. 

We decided to create a real-life game where player one would be able to control player two throughout a maze. We needed to create a control cabinet and a way to make sure player two knows where to go without being able to figure it out for himself. We coded that if player one would push a button, player two would feel a vibration. We put the vibrations in bracelets, if the left bracelet vibrates the player goes left, if the right one vibrates the player goes right, if both vibrate the player goes forward. 

We put down a maze, created a game console for player one with buttons and a timer, made sure player two was unable to see the maze or hear anything and they were ready to game. 

During these two weeks we worked with Agile and had our "to do", "doing" and "done" post-its to make sure we were getting everything done. 

May you have any further questions about this project, feel free to contact me!